Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Stupid Twitter

I joined twitter recently, and I think I hate it. sigh.

I must be getting old. Everytime I check my twitter timeline, I get annoyed. Scrolling through post after post after post that says "Love ya!", "Cool!", "You betcha!", "OMG", "So true!" or something of the like leaves me feeling stupified. I'm pretty sure brain cells are dying as I read. There's nothing of substance on that thing! It's almost if I were sitting in a ballroom of valley girls who squeal "OMG, like, TOTALLY" over and over again. What's the point? I don't understand why anyone would wish that facebook would go away. It's so much more robust. Maybe I hate twitter because I don't tweet. I have literally nothing to say. But I'll keep my account as it appears to be the wave of the future. The older I get (and I'm only 27!), the more effort I have to put forth in staying with the times. sigh.


T.C. said...

i refuse to join...because twitter, to me-in my opinion for the most part, feeds on the bottom, of human consciousness...nothing of substance and nothing but drama...plus i'd only feed into it which would make me no better so i am just not going to be able to do it...and i just don't have that much to say its enough to try to quiet my mind as it is now

Anonymous said...

It totally agree. I joined Twitter for the new site, but it really is quite messy and busy. Anywhoo, you're right, trying to stay with the times can be painful.

miss alisa said...

I love Twitter, and enjoy it so much more than FB. Twitter is only as interesting as the people you follow. I follow people who are insightful, positive, funny, and interesting, so my Twitter experience is completely different than yours. For me, I love the freedom of being completely random. I'm sorry Twitter doesn't give you life... What would I do all day without being able to tweet?? Give it a chance and follow me, if you want... @AlisaRenee

GemisMyName said...

I've wondered the same thing. I'm not an "open book" enough for twitter or even FB for that matter. Not in the way that most people use FB. I can't just put my random streams of consciousness in a tweet or a FB status. I have been very personal on my blog in the past (and will probably be again in the near future) but that's a little different. No one really has to know it's me (unless they know me personally) and there really is a small community of people that will actually ever read/comment on my blog. Finally, I feel it's more therapeutic to blog ALL the details of a something rather than a vague excerpt of what I might be experiencing in the moment. If that even makes sense….

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