Monday, January 10, 2011

About Nothing In Particular

I'm laying in bed listening to The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. Sometimes it feels good to lay in the bed at odd hours. I got into some meditation like I promised myself and ended up dozing off. I guess I did it right. My eyes have been hurting me though, which is why I'm in my bedroom laying in the dark in the first place. MJ is out in the living room watching tv. Even though I am obsessed with being around that man, it's nice to have our own thing going on at times.

So, I applied to 6 jobs last week. I'm not applying to just anything anymore. I'm being very specific with my applications. The next company I work with has to fit my needs just as much as I have to fit theirs. Tomorrow I'll dive into the hunt again. The unemployment lady said I should get some money by Wednesday. That will be ideal because I am all spent out. I got a little happy and bought myself a few things late last week. I haven't shopped in a while so I'm excited about my online purchases.

I had a good weekend. Friday night, I had a little girl's night out dinner which was fun. Sometimes you need a little estrogen charged talk. Saturday, MJ's best friend and his wife came in town. It's interesting to see MJ with his best friend. I learned a lot about him. We had a nice dinner and caught the Little Fockers movie. Yesterday, we were invited over a friend's house to play games and have dinner with a group of young married people. I had a lot of fun, even though the husbands won the men vs women Guesstures game. It's really nice to have a social life every now and then. I'm itching to put on a party dress and actually go out to a lounge. I haven't put a dress on that wasn't for religious reasons in a very long time.

My parents seem to be doing well in Huntsville. I don't miss them yet. I wonder how long it will take for me to feel the void. I should plan a trip down there. But my mother will be up here in no time for Pooh's graduation among other things, so I'm not sure if I should just yet.

I need to get back into my Zumba class. That was a lot of fun. The profuse sweating is an issue though. I'm getting really tired of doing my own hair, but I suppose now is the not the time to go back to regular hair appointments. I want to get a half weave so bad, cover up my neck a bit in these cold days. I'm ready for a change. I've avoided getting a haircut for the purpose of this planned weave, but if I can't swing it, I need a haircut stat! When you have a short cut, it has to stay short and sharp. There is no middle ground or you end up looking like you have a mushroom head. I have an appointment for the 22nd, so I'm wait to see what these unemployment funds look like before I cancel. I really hope I can swing it. Maintenance is an issue as well. I can't do my own hair with a weave... We'll see.

Alright. Family worship time. Later.

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