Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Why I Appreciate My Religion

I've been having difficulties understanding the deep stuff that I've been reading so in an effort not to get side-tracked into discouragement, I'm remembering the reasons I appreciate my religion.

1. Because I've learned more than I have anywhere else.
2. Because my sisters and brothers inside and out of the congregation care for me more than most people. Due to their love for me, and mine for them, they'll do anything for me.
3. Because I can go to Japan and hook up with a sister/brother and be just as close as I would with a sister/brother in my own congregation. That international brotherhood is amazing.
4. Because I have an amazing husband that I know only came as a result of obedience to Jehovah.
5. Because I don't have diseases like STDs or AIDS that I could have contracted if I didn't understand that being Christ like means putting a stop to fornication.
6. Because knowing my God and His Son has given me a greater sense of happiness and peace.
7. Because of the resurrection hope that so many people either don't know about or don't believe. Even if someone I know dies or I myself pass away, I can have hope being that I know the resurrection is real.
8. Because I know the truth about why this world is the way it is and what the eventuality is concerning a new paradise. Having the knowledge makes it easier to deal with this crazy society. The promise of paradise makes it all worth it.
9. Because I've grown closer to seeing how fantastic Jesus was as a man.
10. Because at the end of the day, I know that Jehovah loves me for the efforts and strives that I've made in His service. Otherwise, I wouldn't be so blessed. To have peace, a clean conscience, a Christian brotherhood all over the world, a loving marriage and so much more... Jehovah definitely has EVERYTHING to do with that. I KNOW that He loves me and is taking care of me as one of His children.


MJ said...
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MJ said...

I love the use of appreciate... Welcome to the fold ;-)

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