Monday, September 17, 2012


Every time I stop, I feel the stress in my head as if I've been crying all day.

I did cry today though.

I cried as Iyanla Vanzant uncoded and revealed the depths of this woman's relationship with men and most importantly her parents. It was intense. I cried because of the pain. The pain that an absentee father or a hard un-loving mother causes their child. The paint that that child is infected with, which changes their lives for the worse. The lack of communication, the infidelity, the cursing, the lying, the lack of sympathy, the misunderstandings...

I can't stand it when parents put stuff on their children. Their crap. I just can't stand it. I know to some extent, it's not their fault. Their parents did it to them too. So they know no better. The cycle continues. But to a certain extent, you have to fix yourself, regardless of what your parents did or didn't do. You have to stop the cycle. "Do the work" as Iyanla says. It's imperative. Or else, you promote and pass on the pain.

Iyanla said something that I think a lot of woman don't pay attention to or recognize. She said "your womanly majesty....". How many girls and woman do we see everyday who do not recognize their 'womanly majesty'? The ones who stay in destructive relationships, the ones who commit to showing their bodies to the world, the little girls in all of these weaves and mini skirt getups. "Your womanly majesty." That really struck me as profound.

Just reflecting...


Alisa Renee' said...

Parenting is hard. Every single day. That's all I can say.

T.C. said...

i will say it is extremely hard and it's even harder to NOT put on what has been done to you to your want to pass on the positives but a lot of times without realizing it, you can pass on the negative as well...for example, when my nephew was born, my father pintched his nose...why because that's what old folks did, just like shaping a babies head...definitely a small example, but jsut an example

in terms of young girls sorry to say but a woman like IV won't reach young women, a woman your age would, but not her...she's so far removed that it doesn't matter...and it's hard to get young women to see certain things if there isn't a foundation the media plays such a large role in things...

it's so many layers to it

but really i just wanted to agree, parenthood is the hardest job ever, but it's the best job other than being a wife! (soon to be for me lol)

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