Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Feeling Good Feeling Great

Got Common in the ear.
"And they say Chi City"
La la la la laaaaa
Wow. This is the first time I've had a real minute to blog at work in...
I don't know how long.
My time here is FINALLY winding down.
Thank Jehovah!
They're going to miss me when I'm gone.
Ha ha!
I have no idea what's going happen when I leave here
But Jehovah's got my back
No worries until I start worrying. =)
Ironically, I studied about how not to worry this morning.
Life is going to be good nonetheless folks
I believe that
I have control over this
That's got to be my new theme song
Yeah Janet!
I've been pretty fragile
But umm...
That's not me.
At least it wasn't previously
So yeah.
"I walked in the crib, got two kids, and my baby mama late
Uh Oh, Uh Oh, Uh Oh"
This Common record is great
This music is great
Can you believe that I finished the last planner that I will ever have to do in my life
Can you see me smiling?
If not, the grin goes from ear to ear son.
Why do some of these phrases have periods and others don't?
I'm just happy
Happy to be alive
Ending this job
Listening to Common
Can't wait to get home and chill
I did some personal study this morning so I may or may not do more tonight
We'll see how I feel
Wow, I haven't checked American Idol in two weeks
I need to catch up
Anyway, feel good feeling great!

1 comment:

T.C. said...

i actually needed to read that...because i haven't been feeling good or great these last couple of days but on & on by badu just went off and your blog post made me smile...and now i think i'll listen to "kingdom come" by jill scott & kirk franklin

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