Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Ran-Dumb Thoughts

Every woman has a breaking point ya'll.
I love this Keri Hilson song.
Can't wait til her album drops.
I'm feeling pretty good today.
I look fly too.
That always helps.
I'm looking forward to the long weekend.
Don't have anything extraordinary planned.
Just gonna drop in on a wedding down in VA.
I think I'm going to wear the same dress I wore to my meet & greet althought the bride saw it already.
I really can't be concerned.
That's the only dress I have for a wedding.
My hubby said we would be married before these two that are getting married this weekend.
He was right.
I never thought we were going to get married when we did.
There were so many struggles at that time.
So it's true.
I have too much time on my heads.
I dag on near hyper-ventilated yesterday thinking too hard.
Sitting around, reading articles and imagining relationship issues that we don't have.
The thing is that I like reading articles on stuff that relates to me.
Black female/male relationships.
But when I have too much time on my hands, I begin to internalize and take on stuff.
Anyway, I get paid today!
At least I SHOULD get paid today.
This joint is bootleg.
My gas light is on, so I NEEDS to get paid today.
I should be starting classes soon.
I wonder why PGCC hasn't sent me anything yet.
I almost forget I start classes in a minute.
I just spent a few minutes talking to one of the new girls here.
She just put me ON.
Check out her best friend's photography site.
This is so how I would do it!
I love strong beautiful A-American presence.
She's surely not afraid to be who she is.
I can already tell from the site.
I'm officially inspired.
See what a few minutes of getting to know someone can do?


T.C. said...

its good that you recognize that you are thinking too much at times...i have been there done it as well and it tends to not work so's the great thing that you have that many are still have a man that knows who he is (in Christ and in self) and once a man knows that he can then love...that's the realization i had today, that many times we are dealing with men that don't know that and they can't love or be ready to love until they have that...and he does...

so it may not be always sweet but its still good and its still love

anyways...also who cares if she has seen the dress before she's the moon you're just a star and you will shine regardless in your look that i am SURE off

Anonymous said...

LOL @ "I think I'm going to wear the same dress I wore to my meet & greet althought the bride saw it already.
I really can't be concerned."

That's my fave part of the post. I've been listening to "Breaking Point" alot lately too. Love that song!!!

Still love your blog. Stop by my spot some time. Muah!

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