Monday, October 29, 2012

Sandy and Me

Hubby said he's going to sleep all day. I guess it's just me and Sandy today. See, this is what happens when you've been married for a while. I envy all the newlyweds who are home together today. #NotBoo-edUpEvenThoughIHaveABoo

I wonder how bad this hurricane is supposed to be. It's been raining non-stop now for like 10 hours. But it's very light. They say it'll hit the DC area late today through early Tuesday. I pray we'll all be fine and not end up like all these tsunami and earthquake striken countries we've seen. My gut says it's nothing to worry about.

I wish I had a personal photographer. I'd like more random pictures of myself. Not off some vain stuff though. But I'd like to capture moments. Like right now. Me on my sofa, legs in indian style, wearing sweatpants and a big sweater. And laptop in tow. I think the moment represents me well. Just me. Not me as someone's wife, but just me. Because when I'm left to my own devices, usually not to my liking, this is how I am. Peaceful, thoughtful and warm.

I guess I can get some side gig work done today. I have a couple of storyboards to produce. Let me do that before the power goes out. Have a safe day with Sandy everyone!

1 comment:

T.a.c.D said...

sounds nice!
I am now right there behind you in the chair, cooking some soup and will be quiet

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