Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ran-Dumb Thoughts

I haven't blogged in a while
I feel like I've been away somewhere
But I haven't
I'm extremely antsy
I can't seem to settle down
I notice it when I'm trying to find something to listen to in the car
Station change
Station change
Station change
I don't want to hear that
There doesn't seem to be anything happening on the radio
Nothing intriguing
Or maybe I'm just bored
Either way, I'm antsy
I miss Jennifer
I was talking to my mom about girlfriends
And I've learned that my definition of a friend... one who will never talk bad about you.
I have a nice group of girls that I hang out with
But only a few of them would never talk bad about me
I don't think there's anything particularly bad to say about me though
I try not to get on anyone's nerves
Or be shady
Or act big headed
Or be untrustworthy
But Jennifer
She would never bad mouth me to someone else
Or talk about me behind my back
That's a true friend
She's too far away
I haven't been back to LA since the day I said goodbye
It's been way too long
I have work to do that I don't want to do
An ad hoc analysis that is so messy I could care less anymore
The data to start with was messy
So nothing ties
But oh well
They should collect better data next time
I have a photo shoot coming up
Not a picture taking one
But one where I am the subject
I'm excited about it
MJ is in it too
I enjoy taking fully produced shoots with my partner
I haven't been eating much
Having $10 to my name makes that a reality
I get paid tomorrow though so the forced-upon-me-fast will be over
Being sick last week didn't help either
No dairy
I miss cereal and yogurt
And that seem to be all that we have in the house
I'm addicted to salt
These pretzel rods that they bought for the office kitchen
I look at them like a full meal at Olive Garden
That's my favorite chain restaurant by the way
What else is up?
I'm bored
I need a trip or something
Gotta check and see what Living Social and Groupon have
I've been married for 3 years now
Seems like nothing number wise
The legite number is 5
After 5, then I think I'll won't feel like a newbie anymore
Sometimes I trip out about the fact that I am going to be with him...
...for the rest of my life.
God willing, that's a lot of years
With the same person
Oh well though
What's going on for Memorial Day weekend?
I have not ner plan
Well there's a bridal shower
But what a perfect time to go to the beach
Let me get on this living social app
I needs some excitement in my life

1 comment:

YaYa R said...

Memorial Day came so quick. I didn't even realize that its next weekend and I have no plans either, so you are not alone there.

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