Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Today is one of those dreary days. It's raining and it's dark. But I don't mind it. It fits me at this moment. I'm not saying I feel dark or dreary, rather I appreciate the weather. It's calming. It's giving me a little bit of a break.

I bought Lana Del Rey's "Born to Die" album. Playing now is a song called 'Video Games'. I don't exactly know what it's about yet, but I like it. It matches me in this space. Slow and calming. I remember days when I used to lay on my pull out bed in California, put my head phones on and listen to an entire album from beginning to end. No phones, no computers, no tv. Just me and my headphones and my pull out bed. It's funny how you recall certain moments. Moments that you didn't even think were going to be important as you were making them back then. I think I want to lay on my sofa and put on my husband's Beats to listen to this album. I want to get lost.

Life has been good. Interesting lately but good. I've had a recurring thought these past few days that I'm not surprised is on my mind. All paths led and still lead to it. I haven't prayed about it in a while, so perhaps it's time to revisit that conversation with Jehovah.

I wonder what's next in life... I surely don't want it to get boring...

You know what I haven't made as priority? Travel.
France, Italy, England, Australia, Russia, Fiji, Tahiti, Germany, Ireland, Brazil, Canada, Puerto Rico.
When will there be time? The 9 to 5 holds me back. I have to wait for paid time off to accrue in order to enjoy the world? Seems so backwards.

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