Thursday, January 30, 2014

BJ The Chicago Kid - Pineapple Now-Laters

I am absolutely in LOVE with this album. His lyrics. His voice. His message. Everything about it is perfect. So perfect that I gotta type out these lyrics!

"Aiight" - BJ the Chicago Kid
Girl let me lay you down baby and give you what you need yeah
In my bedroom
I'm rough when necessary but I'm guaranteed to please
And when we start to kiss and we'll both be listening
To the sounds of our hearts
Girl we can do it all
And when we start to touch and we'll both be lovin
Every moment of tonight
Alll this can happen babe if you just say "aiight"
Baby just say "aiight"
Girl now that I'm inside baby, I just can't keep my cool
In my bedroom
I'm loving what I'm feeling but it's so much we can do baby

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