Friday, May 28, 2010

I'm At That Place

I got a two compliments today! And it's not even the compliments that excite me. It's the fact that I got two! And I got them within one hour of each other! I must be glowing today. Which is funny because I feel like crap. I just can't get enough sleep. And it's not because I'm a newlywed either so get your minds out of the gutter. My husband is taking me on a trip to Williamsburg on this long holiday weekend so maybe I'll catch up. It's supposed to rain a lot too. A rainy weekend away with the man I love is perfect.

One more hour. This has been the first long day I've had on my new job. The days usually go by quick. Now I'm begging the clock to speed up.

I started on the thank you cards. I'm debating on whether I should take them with me so I can write some on the trip down. I usually don't sleep as much as the hubby so I can use the mornings to get them done instead of doing what I normally do - messing with him until he wakes up... lol.

I'm watching Girlfriends as I type. This show has had a good effect on me. I'm jealous of these girl's style. I do realize that they are on a tv show, but they're always so put together. Hair is done, their clothes match and their feet never seem to hurt in their stilletos. =) Hence, I care about my hair more, I pay attention when I get dressed in the morning and I wear heels almost everyday. Yay! Hmm. Maybe that's why I got those compliments. Oooooooh. I know why I might be getting these compliments! It's because I have a weave! You know how men are about long hair. My own husband swore that he hated weave, but as soon as I told him that I was going to get it out, he frowned and asked me to keep it in. As soon as I get this wedding weave out, I'm going to get my hair cut back to the way it was. Short, sharp and sassy. I felt so good about myself when my hair was short. I think that I wear my hair the best that way. Even my sister said that I was fierce back then, and she loves long hair.

Twenty minutes to go...I can't believe that I'm married. I just looked down at my hands and all I saw were my engagement ring and wedding band. I have diamonds on my left ring finger! Gosh I feel grown. You remember back in the day when you were a freshman in high school and you used to look at the seniors and think they were so much older and cooler than you? And you couldn't wait to be their age? And you thought the day would never come when you would be at that place? Well, that's how I feel. I'm finally at that place I've been looking towards. And I can't believe it's here!!! I'm going out of town with my husband tonight and this is for real!!!! How about that folks?! Alright. I got 5 minutes to go. I need to pack it up. Have a great weekend!

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