Friday, April 29, 2011

I Have A New Site! (or Two)

I started two new sites!! I'll release the second on a little later one (I'm still editing it). But here's the first!

As for the purpose of this site... here's what I wrote in the about section on tumbr.

welcome to my digital inspiration board

my little part of the computerized world where i compile images and words that inspire and drive me towards reaching my goals. this site will serve to keep me focused, keep me organized, and make me happy.

it's a two dimensional art project that I create. there are no rules, guidelines or limits!

While this is true, I really started it because this blog is entirely too personal to share. There are times when I've been dying to share my blogs with the world and with my friends on facebook and through other avenues, but then I quickly remember that I have years and years of history on this thing. I've been pissed, I've been hurt, I've been embarrassed and I've been happy for reasons that I shouldn't necessarily share with people who don't already know about this site. People who don't know my progression and my heart....

Sooooo... introducing jendayi asha! follow me here as I show you all the things I love and more...

1 comment:

Jenn Will said...

Yay for the new site! But I'm glad I'm in the "in" crowd that gets to keep up on the progress of the real you. :)

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