Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ran-Dumb Thoughts

Another day, another dollar.
I'm on the train commuting into work.
Got a lot to do today.
I want breakfast today.
The deli down the street from the office will do.
Got a little Maxwell in my ear.
Perfect for an overcast/rainy day.
This short chick just got on the train with what looks like extra tall jeans on.
One fourth of the pant leg is dragging UNDER her feet.
Not looking forward to what my manager is calling 'meet and greet' happy hour.
'Meet and greet' who?
This is my 3rd week!
I've passed up 3 other invitations already.
Now I gotta sit around 3 white guys drinking and cracking jokes.
1 glass of wine and I'm out.
We're at stadium armory.
Why did this women sit on my whole hip just now!?
She just threw her big behind in the seat without watching where she was putting it.
I'm as close to the window as I can go.
Don't even have access to my full seat.
My neck is cold.
The one day I decide not to wear a pashmina.
I guess I'm too used to my scarves/pashminas.
Got on my leopard print heels today.
I think I'ma start dressing more boldly now that it's my 3rd week.
No more stale corporate.
Although I might need to do stale corporate for work travel next week.
It's going to be cold in upstate NY.
I need a fur vest.
Bout to hit up the thrift store for that.
Hopefully I can something really soft.
Fur vest inside of winter coat with a belt.
Pull the fur out a little.
Fashionable and extra warm.
Bout to be at L'Enfant.
Gotta transfer.
Did I blog about how I utterly destroyed my hair?
Wearing my natural curls is like taking care of a newborn baby.
You have to baby it 110% of the time.
And of course I didn't.
So my ends are damaged.
And then I did what any frustrated girl would do.
I cut my ends myself.
My hair is in curls so I really can't tell what I did.
We'll see the next time I do my hair.


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