Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Peaceful Luxuries

It's been a hard week. And it's not over.

I feel like I've been moving a mile a minute. You know how sometimes you go to sleep just so you can get ready for the next day? Well that's how I feel. Sleep hasn't been for me. It's been for preparation sake. I just need a moment to recollect myself. I would love a vacation but since that's no where in the works, I need to sit somewhere quietly and enjoy the peace. I would like very much to wander slowly through a museum actually. Maybe even to take my drawing pad and pencil, sit down in front of an artifact for 30 minutes and sketch. Something, anything to re-center myself. I remember the days in Long Beach when I would go to the park with my blanket, lay down and read for hours. Sounds like pure bliss to me. I miss the peaceful luxuries.

Yes, I'll make it happen.

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