Monday, August 06, 2012

Remodel: Man Cave Bathroom

Seeing as our field service group is now meeting at our house every Saturday, we HAD to take care of this cracked toilet. I am not about to have an elderly lady topple over on account of my toilet. So if the toilet comes out, so does the entire bathroom. After my design and hubby's industriousness over the past 3 days, we're almost done!

Here's the cracked toilet that started the whole project.


And here's the before of the bathroom. Ugly, ugly, ugly.

After demolition, it looked even more ugly, but promising!

Here's hubby messing with the plumbing after mounting the flouting sink and painting the walls a "Dallas Cowboy" blue. It's the man cave so I can say nothing about it. Sigh.

And finally, here's the new tile, hubby applied. He's doing a killer job!

We still have grouting and sealing, putting up the baseboards, putting in the toilet and all the finishing touches to go.

I'll post a final pic when it's done!

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