Monday, August 27, 2012

Ran-dumb Thoughts

i'm so tired i want to cry
my eyelashes hurt
my body hurts
i'm emotional
good thing i'm the only one at work today
i couldn't take too much
i might even leave early
true signs of pms

i have my old school pandora station on
remember kut klose?
"i like the way you tease me"
now public announcement is on
these old school R&B songs help me
i revert back to childhood
into days when things were easier
case's "happily ever after"
that song makes me feel i can breathe again
i will forever have a love affair with that song
i had it on repeat on my cassette tape for the longest
and the video...
i'm still in a trance over it
it's the perfect visual
i always wished i could be her
i still wish i could be her

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