Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Ministry

I just had the most awesome conversation with my co-worker. We went to get coffee (in my case, chai latte) at Starbucks and talked about everything from my latest career decision, to how to measure success, to fear of death, to the purpose of the JW ministry, to the paradise. He was especially impressed with my sense of peace and spiritual stance in life. When I told him that I sometimes feel behind in life, he told me that that's impossible considering that my understanding and grasp of life is way ahead of anybody that he knows. Not to be big-headed but when he said that, I had to agree with him. Understanding my purpose in life, which ultimately gives me peace, does indeed put me in a different place. I was a little sad for him as he talked about how finite death was and how he doesn't have anything to put faith in but himself. Hopefully I'll be able to give him some of my peace of mind soon. ;-)

I'm way above the national average this month which is fantastic for me. I think if I can get one long day in a month like I did this month, I'll be set. Going on the Pere's family study with my dad was cool too. Those little kids are so eager to learn it's amazing. The young boy asked, "so is it too late to change from being bad?" Awwwwwwwwwww! No baby. It's never too late! Be still my heart.

The co-worker who sits directly in front of me is super excited about the message she's receiving in her church. She has this great passion for God's word and has expressed the desire to take a discipleship class in order to learn how to teach from the Bible. She's really eager to learn more about God which is incredible. We've also talked about speaking in tongues. I told her that I was going to do my research on that and share with her what I find. That should be a good convo. In general though, I love that she loves God. I think I'm going to tell her that and help her to pull out more ways to show that she loves God.

It's cool putting my focus on the ministry. I love it when people connect with Jehovah. It's a cool thing to see, especially when I had a hand in it.


MJ said...

That's great! One thing to remember when it comes to speaking in tongues, is that that gift was given by Jehovah so that the disciples could impart the kingdom message to people of "all nations and tongues" in their native language. So those "tongues" were understood by the ones who heard them. When people speak in tongues today, often times, it is not understood by anyone.
Think, upper room, pentecost 33 C.E. when the Holy Spirit was poured out on the 120 in the upper room ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jendi,

It's Toni. Glad to read things are going well. I guess you could say I am in the same boat as your coworker. I am going to start the discipleship class at my church in the fall. wanting to grow my relationship with God and ensure I am planting the right seeds in Camryn and Aniya.

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