Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Perfect Song

On her way to work this morning, Zuri opens her journal to jot down a few important topics looming in her mind. As the train is terrorized with heavy silence, she sticks her ipod's earbuds into her ears to fill the deadly space. While scratching through one page after another with red ink, Zuri feels busy; that is until the song came on. Without warning, the sweet sounds of a keyboard and bass guitar floods into her head. Zuri hypnotically puts the pen away and closes her journal. To heighten her ability to take in the fullness that is "You're The One For Me" by Smokey Robinson featuring Joss Stone, Zuri closes her eyes. It has never become more important to block out all the other four senses until that moment. What went from busy now morphed into a sweet tranquility. Zuri knows before the first verse is over that she needs to change the song settings on her ipod to repeat. There is no way she can get enough of this song. It is the epitome of perfection.

Youre The One For Me (featuring Joss Stone) - Smokey Robinson

Can't you just feel the Chicago step or the cha cha to this song? =) I'm reading the lyrics to the song above... How do you know that someone is the one for you? Hmm. That's an age old question if there was one. The answer lies in time though. Only time will tell right?

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Tiffany said...

sometimes you just know...most men will say to they KNEW when they first spoke to or even seen their doesn't take much we make things much harder than they really have to or need to be....

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