Friday, August 21, 2009

Marques Is Back, Me Not So Much

Sorry I haven't been blogging! I've been a bit...cough cough... preoccupied. New things and all. You know how that goes. Probably won't be blogging that much. But I promise I'll try!

But I have something for you that I just HAD to post.

Didn't realize I missed him until I saw these. My sis and I can play a whole MH CD from front to back. His music is on point. Can't wait.

"Let me just take you on a date. I ain't tryna sleep with you....I just wanna take you on a date." Love it. This song is off the hook.

According to Marques' official blog, he'll be making a video for every song on his album. Get it Marques. The album comes out September 29th.

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