Wednesday, September 09, 2009

I'm Back!

I'm Back!

No, not to blogworld. I'm back to my dancing! Yaaaaay! Aren't you so excited for me? Te he he. My Afro Modern class was excellent this evening. It was exactly what I needed. Yes, every muscle in my body hurts right now, but I love this feeling. The pain is wonderful! Even the throbbing that I'll feel in the morning; I'm truly looking forward to it! What this really means though is that I have a lot of work to do. I remember being able to leave dance classes with the routine on my mind, and not how badly my back hurts. But don't worry, I'll get it back. I'm about to get it in and be REAL strong. I told my teacher, Taurus, that this was my first class in four years. He looked at me with a sympathetic face. True dancers feel your pain when you mention how long you've been away. You can liken being away from dance to being away from food. When dancing stops, life stops. And I truly believe that. I got my life back tonight. It's a wonder I even stopped in the first place. Knowing how much I love to dance, I can't fathom why it always takes me so long to get back into the groove and then stay there. I'm just lazy I guess. But this class should put a halt to the procrastination. Every Wednesday, my butt needs to be in class. Guess what Taurus said to me? We were doing the cool down and I guess he was watching me do a section of it. He looks at me when the music ended and said, "yeah I can tell that you USED to dance". We all started busting out laughing. But it was a real compliment. He can see what I used to have, and if my health depends on it, I'll get that "used to" back. He told me that it's there. He can see it in me. Now all I have to do is keep taking classes. I'm thinking about adding a ballet class to my weekly dance ritual because it's truly what I am. A graceful, tall, ballet-like dancer. Ballet is my core. Everything else is auxiliary. But anyway, I'm really happy to be dancing again. Maybe I'm not as old and done as I thought I was. It's happy feet time!

Oh and SYTYCD started it's season today! How perfect! 'Tis the time to dance!

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