Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ran-dumb Thoughts

Is there anything going on?
Cuz I'm bored.
I'm going to see Maxwell Friday.
It seems so far away.
I'm not hype for it yet.
I will be when I actually get to the arena.
Where's the new music?
Anybody got any good stories?
You know what I've been missing?
My tv shows.
SYTYCD and Project Runway.
They add spark to my life.
And then my MTV shows.
The City and The Hills.
Where are those?
Are they even out yet?
I watch absolutely no tv anymore.
Where has my life gone!?
What if I walk out of my job and never come back?
How about it?
My bf is great.
Beginnings are wonderful.
My mom's venting on the phone with me right now.
She said she was almost in tears yesterday.
We all have those days.
You just wanna cry.
And have no idea why.
Mom said I looked fly this morning.
Bf didn't say so.
Bf just called and asked me if I'm okay.
Gotta call him back.
PMS-ing man!
My back hurts.
Too much.

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