Friday, January 08, 2010

Engagement Photos

I am tired as I don't know what. I keep waking up around 5am for some reason. Yesterday I managed to fall back asleep for the extra hour, but today I ended up pulling out my Macbook. I've been working late the last couple of days so my manager told me to finish my work and go home early today. I love it when I get that option. I'd rather work 10 hour days during the week to get off early on Friday. When I get off though, I'm going to snap a few pictures of some locations that I think will be good for our engagement shots. We live in an urban area so DC will propbably be the best backdrop to express our love. Our first date was in DC, our first kiss was in DC and the metro, which travels through our beloved DC, is where we spend a large portion of our couple time together. I'm going for an old Hollywood glam look as far as hair and makeup goes. At least that's what I would like. We'll see if I can actually turn my hair into some sort of hollywood glam style. I'm trying out a new hairdresser so we'll see if she can catch my drift. I've never been to the Mac counter for a makeup consultation so I'll try that as well. After getting the engagement snaps out of the way, I need a nap. This weekend is looking to be pretty busy. Painting bedrooms, furniture purchases, an evening of bowling, shoe shopping... I'm already tired.

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