Tuesday, November 09, 2010


The government hates me. I promise you it does. I know it does. I've applied to over a dozen jobs since my work life started and every single time, I am rejected. How many "qualified but not referred" messages can you send me? Why not just say on the application, "JJ. This note is for you. Do NOT apply because we will reject you anyway." Government applications are by no means simple or easy. It takes time, energy and brain power to apply to a position. It's almost like applying for college. So with all my time and energy wasted...I'm over this b.s. MAYBE I'll give them the time of day sometime in the future, but right now, I'm done. I need some time to heal from all the rejection.


T.C. said...

they are doing away with the KSAs...so try again soon

Anonymous said...

Yeah, my sister told me the same thing yesterday - that they are doing away with the KSA's. However, in the mean time, have you read the "Federal Resume Guidebook"? I hear that helps.

Also, another good way to get into the government is through an federal internship. I did one after Grad School and you go through a company like ORISE or some other government contractor. On some governmental sites (i.e. CMS or HHS) you can apply for an internship on their website. Try it out that way.

Hope this helps.
Talk to you soon.


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