Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Irritated, Annoyed And Whatever Else

It's not a good day today. I've already got on the people who have come through the front door without their badges. Normally I would hold it in, but today is not the day. There's something going on inside of me that I haven't yet been able to figure out, so I'm kinda taking it out on other people. I'm just in no mood for nonsense. If you're supposed to use your badge for entry, use it. Don't take advantage of the fact that I can give you access to the office. It's not my job to pick you up when you slack.

Anyway, this is not about badges or office entry. As I said, there's a real issue here that's bothering me that I'm too worried about speaking up on. As I mentioned last time, I'm studying the Bible with my sister. But I really don't know why she chose me because our relationship is so complicated. And when it's complicated, it doesn't make it any easier to sit down and have me assist her on ways to develop a relationship with God. I can't even get my own relationship with her right. It's just so convoluted and I tense up about it every time I think about it. I'm actually quite tired of how issues with my sister affect me. It's like they grip the very person of me and hold me in some sort of prison. I hate that. I wish I could not care.

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