Friday, February 25, 2011

'Exquisite Delight In The Abundance of Peace'

I'm having a moment... My bedroom window is cracked open just enough to hear the morning drizzle and chirping birds. The bedroom is dark except for the invading light from the slither of curtain I drew back. I'm writing while snug under my duvet cover. There's a light breeze that's freshening my face... Yesssss. I feel so composed and comfortable in this instance. No rap music. My upstairs neighbors aren't having sex. To do's were taken care of yesterday... I love it. This is the same feeling I used to get while laying on the beach by my apartment in LA. Looking back on that time is like remembering serenity. I was my own woman, 3000 miles away from home with no obligations, learning me. Does it get any better?

I'm a mesh of a city fashionista and a tree hugger. I don't think people understand the passion I have for a cold, rainy breeze on my face in the morning. Nature does things to me that are inexplicable. I totally understand how white people love running through the cold streets at 7am. Not that I would do that myself (as I hate running), but I get it! Their pink cheeks flush with the stiffness of the cold air. So refreshing, I imagine! You can't help but to have an enlightened, energetic day after that. That's the kind of stuff that makes you feel good. Now something I do want to do is hike. My predominately white, grade school built up an appreciation in me for hiking. For some reason, on every field trip we took, we were hiking. (shaking my head at white people) I think I might have the opportunity to hike on our upcoming Puerto Rico trip, but since we're only there for four days and three nights (and will have a limit on our excursion spending), I'm torn between the 'Shopping in San Juan and Condado' excursion and the 'El Yunque National Rainforest Tour'. They also have an 'ATV Low-Lands Rainforest Adventure' though. I rode ATVs through Mexico some years ago and had the most fun I've ever had in my life. No lie.

Speaking of nature, my hairdresser that I go to when I have a weave, put this astringent on my scalp called Sea Breeze. When she first started spraying, the scent was so familiar. It reminded me of my mother. Sure enough, it was the same astringent mom used on her face when we were young. But this stuff in my hair.... I LOVE it! The makers of this product couldn't have named it better because every time I swish my newly fresh tresses, I get this clean, airy breeze that is outstanding! Not to mention I love the smell. I wonder if I can use this on my hair all the time or only for when I have weaves. Mmm. Smell the breeze....

I don't want to move from this space. I could write all day, right here. This is peace.


MJ said...

Thats the same stuff they use on us guys at the barbershop around our hairlines. It does smell really good, I knew I remembered that smell!

I can imagine you running through the parking lot of treetop, your pink cheeks flush from the cool air... Just feeling refreshed while running in the rain in the hood. :)

T.C. said...

you can shop can ATV here too...just my 1 cent don't mean much
and sea breeze ROCKS!

Jenn Will said...

The rainforest is amazing, I highly recommend it.

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