Thursday, February 03, 2011

Happy New Month


Welcome to February. My January was interesting. It was definitely a month about new beginnings. I'm not complaining though. I like starting out fresh with a new year, whether the change is forced or not.

I'm in a good place. I'm emotionally happy and in a pattern of invention. I'm writing more, exercising my brain, keeping busy, trying new things...namely a red burgundy weave. =O  It's going to take me a minute to get used to it, but you only life once so... I do remember why I hate weaves though. My head has been itching me since. I'm already looking forward to my summer time, fresh, short do. As for the writing though, I really want to challenge myself to get more intelligent with it. I want to be inspirational and insightful, not always just writing about insignificant things. I'm still going to allow myself to write insignificant things because I'd hate to be censored, but now that I'm calm in life, there doesn't seem much to write about. I want to change that by diving a little deeper. Drama and friction usually inspires the most creativity. Or does it?

I had a job interview a few days ago. It was the perfect interview...until 5 minutes prior to the end when the CFO announced that they run late hours. I'm talking 9:30, 10:00pm late. I almost peed in my pencil skirt. If they call me back, I'm going to have to have myself prepared. Depending on how badly they want me, sacrifice and choice will be the name of the game. What are they expecting me to sacrifice and what choices are they willing to give me? If I'm required to sacrifice my hours at home are they willing to compensate me appropriately? If they are interesting in bringing me on board, do I have the choice to telework and decide the work schedule that works best for me? This is not to say that I'll accept the position, but I'd want to see what the lay of the land looks like before I walk away. Negotiations. I have more guts than I used to as well. I'm not afraid to be a business woman with demands. I'm looking forward to seeing how this finishes.

My goal this month is to get back into music. I miss it greatly and I need the inspiration from it. Not having the circumstances to put earphones in my ears or in my car stereo for extended periods of time limits me. I haven't been able to live inside the music which leaves me with a less than genuine connection with it. I haven't learned the words to a song in forever. I'm interested in traveling into the sounds of Duffy. She's playing in the background as I type so I must get on that and steal her album from my husband's library.

We've been thinking about having children. I know I know. I even hate to hear myself say that since I was so adamant about not having them. But the key word in that sentence is 'thinking'. We've tabled the discussion however until we're in a place to begin to consider the pitter patter. Having a child in this hole of a place is not an option. There are a couple of other things we need to get out of the way first, but I'm also aware that plans don't mean squat. At this point, whatever happens happens.

So here's to new Beginnings.

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T.C. said...

i am glad its a happy new second month of the year not starting off as happy but hey i am still here right?!
in terms of the kids thing, i think you said it best about EVERYTHING...nothing as we "plan" ever seems to turn out that way so its going to be what its going to be as long as YOU TWO want children or whatever else in your relationship it will be fine!

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