Friday, February 25, 2011

The New House

As soon as I get a new job and get my first two checks, it's on.

10 Things I Have to Have In A New House

1.  natural light! sky lights, big windows, open light space, whatever...
2.  a window bench
3.  a man room (these remote control cars, helicopters, etc. are messing with my fung shui)
4.  an office with a tall bookcase
5.  a white upholstered chair or couch
6.  kitchen island with bar stool chairs
7.  glass shower in master bath
8.  big art on the walls, preferably my art
9.  2 bedrooms besides the master (guest room and a just in case room)
10.  flowers and plants


MJ said...

This reminds me, the house we saw in Greenbelt with the skylights is just about sold... Oh well

T.C. said...

I love the list...every woman needs her spot and every man needs his space...I highly recommend watching "property virgins" on HGTV. It really gives a good insight to the compromises you may have to make to get into that "perfect" first home.

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