Friday, February 04, 2011

Read With Me


I don't read much as I spend most of my time reading the Bible and Bible literature, but I have a desire to get back into books. I teetered on the idea of getting a Kindle or e-Reader, but I don't think I want one of those. I'm an old school reader. I like books. I like the look, smell and feel of them. I like to write in them, earmark them and pass them on. While I like the library, I prefer to keep books. I'm really looking forward to building a library once I have a room to do so.

Well anyway, can we read the top book pictured above? Ariel Sabar's Heart of the City: Nine Stories of Love and Serendipity on the Streets of New York. Doesn't that just sound like a glow? I don't know how 'glow' sounds, but if it had one, that's what I would use to describe what I hope this book is. If anyone picks it up before me, let me know how it is!

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T.C. said...

will we book club it? :)

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