Thursday, April 05, 2012

Ran-Dumb Thoughts

Today is the memorial of Christ's death.
I'm glad I will be a part of the commemoration.
To pay homage to what Jesus did for me.
I can't wait to get through this work day.
There's so much to do.
I keep getting project after project.
All these ad-hoc analyses.
I'm trying not to tire out and take it in stride.
I'd rather be doing this than what I was doing before.
This is 10x better.
I'm officially off birth control.
Yeah, you know what that means.
I'm freaking out and anxious in a good way at the same time.
I'll keep you posted on any developments.
Check back in a few months or so.
I feel like I'm in the middle of a phase.
Almost two years in a marriage with a new house.
Still learning each other and displaying a bit of wisdom in our dealings with one another.
Thank goodness it's more wisdom than just learning.
I like applying the lessons I've learned for a peaceful home.
It makes a big difference.
I need to break my journal out.
I miss writing my deepest thoughts down.
I've been writing them in this notepad here at work but that's dangerous.
Who knows what cleaning lady has been going through my stuff.
But what would I talk about?
I'm out of the 'learning myself' phase.
I'm out of the 'marriage is hard' phase.
I know what I can write about.
The closer we are to actually having a baby, I think more about the quiet times we have.
I think I want to chronicle the just-me-and-him times.
Tues night, MJ and I feel asleep at 8:30 just talking to each other.
I woke up in his arms.
It was nice.
Being able to handle yard work and wash cars without watching out for a toddler...
Coming home from work and relaxing a bit before heading to the meeting...
Not cooking every single day...
But I'm ready for the challenge.
I have the best partner in the world to tackle it with.
I'm so blah today.
I worked straight from 9 to 5 yesterday.
Didn't look at any of my blogs.
Today I'll tone it down a bit.
Don't feel like being on grind mode.
I need to tend to my mood.
I just finished painting my toe nails before I started this blog.
The morning time at work is the best time to paint nails.
Especially since I'm the first one here.
I just looked down at my Boutique9 heels.
I love the Boutique9 line.
I tend to flock to that subset of Nine West shoes.
Got Pandora on.
Wonder what Joss & Main will look like today.
Makes no difference.
I can't spend any money.
I'm dropping $700 on a credit card tomorrow.
Bought my rug on my cc.
Need to pay that off right away.
What's on the calendar for this month?
A going away party.
A bridal shower in Hampton, VA.
MJ and my cherry blossom, happy hour cruise
Our housewarming.
Ok, it's internet surfing time.
Happy Memorial people.

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