Tuesday, April 03, 2012

To Do List

Can you believe I can't upload anymore pictures on blogger?! What kind of crap is that! They say I've used up all my space.

I would have posted 2 or 3 posts since my last one but without the ability to post pictures, I've been stalling. I have so many house photos to share! We've done a lot. I'm going to try and delete some photos out of my Picasa account so I can have more room. But knowing me that'll take a while. So here's what we've done and where we need to go next.

Short Term
  Cut the lawn of weeds
  Thatch and aerate the lawn
  Lay weed and seed fertilizer
  Pull up weeds and cut down the two trees on either side of the house
  Make a flower box in front of the house
  Lay grass seed or sod
  Create stone path
  Plant shrubs/bushes on either side of the front stairs 
  Finish painting the kitchen cabinets
  Apply kitchen hardware
  Paint upstairs guest room
  Paint stairwell spokes in decorator's white
  Spray paint downstairs guest room side tables
  Purchase bathroom accessories for the guest bathroom upstairs

Long Term
  Paint both rooms downstairs (man cave - silver, guest bedroom - teal)
  Purchase guest room lamps
  Get a glass top made for my trunk/coffee table in the living room
  Change out the stairwell light for a chandelier of sorts
  Change out the mudroom boob light
  Purchase a dining table set, preferably in small pieces (I don't want it to completely match)

Little Things
  Purchase door stops
  Purchase black door knobs to get rid of the gold crappy ones that are ALL OVER the house
  Get new light plates

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