Monday, June 11, 2012

Hot Fun In The Summertime

Summer plans!

BBQ/Picnic - ?????
Theme Park - Six Flags with little brother?
Beach - VA Beach and Ocean City
Summer Nights - Screen on the Green? National Harbor evenings?
Concert - Coldplay

Other things I want to do:
Weekend shopping trip to NY
Black Alley shows
Go to Beach Club
Visit museums

So what are you summer plans? Anything interesting? Let's make this summer a good one folks!



Alisa Renee' said...

Lemme see... Florida on Friday for a week with my parents and the little boy, camping in July (I'm gonna sleep outside... can you believe it??) Frank Ocean in July... umm... I'm only working for 8 days!! I'm gonna take some grad classes... clean up. Organize my closet. Work out every day. Ocean City and VA Beach. Citizen Cope in August. I'm gonna run around behind my son while we sightsee in DC. I think that's all.. for now!!

MJ said...

Citizen Cope?! I've been cranking their album on my phone... Very cool relaxing music!

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