Monday, June 04, 2012

Man Cave Update

We updated the man cave this weekend. I know it's not my go-to room being that it's the "man cave" but boy was I glad to see something happen to that room. You see, I want guests to be comfortable when they come to my house. And since MJ likes to invite guys over to hang, I was really feeling like the man cave needed to be filled out a bit more.

So here's what we did. We went to Ikea looking for this one George Jetson looking chair, but decided against it when we sat in it and felt the coldness and hardness of the thing. After 40 minutes of deliberation, hubby decided on a less expensive alternative in a black leather finish. Half of the time we took was to figure out how to match the chairs with the bright blue sofa that hubby already has in the man cave. To add the inexpensive flair that the room needs, I mentioned needing pillows so we mosied on over to the pillow section which had nothing. On our 3rd or 4th time going back through the same sections at Ikea, hubby looked at the model of his sofa that he has at home and says, "things would be so much easier if the slipcover was this color". Excited by the idea of being relieved from having to decorate an entire room around electric blue, I encouraged him to buy the more subtle but cool grey slipcover. So with the location and bin numbers for the new slipcover in hand, we went BACK to the chairs to reconsider our chair choices. With the slipcover being $250, he decided to downsize from the leather to the cotton chair. So 2 hours after walking into Ikea, we left out with a new look and feel to the man cave sofa and two new chairs to fill out the room.

The next thing we should probably do is paint. I really want this room to start taking shape so paint would be the natural step. Paint makes everything feel different. Hubby wants to go with a greyish silver so we should be able to scope some paint choices out in the next two weeks or so. After that comes the sawhorse table. That thing is going to be cool. Hubby said he wants to build it from scratch so I'm interested to see how it turns out. It should be fun though. I'm thinking we should paint the table that electric blue that was on the sofa. Talk about a PoP of cOloR! And then if we can find a really vintage stool... a workman's stool of sorts...that would be nice. Later on, we can add some storage components, throw some art on the wall, include some accessories and wa-la. Finito!

I wish I could post pictures but my blog has reached it's photo-uploading-capacity. I may need to create a new blog huh?

I'm excited about hubby's man cave. When it's finished and more homey, I'll be able to chill with him down there more often. Not too often, but more often. =)


MJ said...

It is a lot better isn't it? :-)

Lance Coleman said...

a photo uploading max? how is that possible?

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