Monday, February 16, 2009

Job To Career To Passion

Alert! Alert! My money is looking REAL funny people! This is not good. When I looked at my account this morning, I had to suck in a large breathe of air to keep from passing out. It's always amazing to me how you can have so much money one day, and none the next!! What is that all about? Well it is abundantly clear. It's time to get on my grind. I'm unpacked, my room is cute, all the suitcases are in the attic, and my car situation is handled. It's time to find a job. *grumble grumble* I hate this process. I did good this morning though. I spent a few hours looking for jobs and found a couple that I thought fit me. Beggars can't be choosers, but I'm extremely picky when it comes to where I'll work. I just can not be bored. If I am bored, I'll die. I'm serious! I'll die! I found a job in particular that would be perfect. It's at the Washington Post. I want it soooo bad, that I even contacted an old co-worker from Time Inc. who now works there and asked if she could slip my cover letter and resume on the hiring manager's desk. It's not a game people! I want this job!

My sister starts work tomorrow. We've been chillin together for a while, but she's going back on her money grind before she goes away to start training for her Teach for America position. It was nice to have her around. I probably came home at the perfect time...when my sister didn't have a job and my dad was off on medical. If I moved home and was the only bum, then I would've have felt like a loser. But for all of us, each day blended into the next. It was cool. But with four grown adults in one house, it was inevitable that issues would arise. There's one going on right now that I pray subsides, but I don't know. We'll see what happens. Thankfully I'm watching from the sidelines on this one.

(A huge advantage of being home was that I got into a nice little routine for my personal Bible study stuff. I don't think I've ever done so much Bible reading, meditation, research and studying in my life. It's helped me too. I feel like I'm filled. Prayerfully, when I get a job, I can keep the routinue and stay just as spiritually educated. But now that I've felt the benefits from study and meditation, I'll do my best to incorporate them no matter how busy my schedule gets.)

Did I tell you that I'm interested in photojournalism? Well kinda. I don't necessarily want to write about the topics that most photojournalists shoot. I can't see myself shooting a group of young Iraqi boys with machine guns on their backs to write a story about the atrocities of the war going on right now. Or maybe I can. Cuz I have some things to say about wars. I'm not sure yet. But I more so want to take pictures of things that hit me and mean something to me. The beautiful things of the world whether sad or joyous. I don't want the pressure of seeking out the most desperate images to snag a story. I walk to be able to walk around with my camera on my back and shoot at my leisure with no particular story in mind. I need freedom to enjoy the art of photography and then put my own randome words to it. But either way, I need to get into some classes as soon as I find a job. Work, class, church, Kiamsha and dance. That exactly what I'll need. Nice and busy. Just like the good old times.

If I wrote and published a book, would you buy it? Someone has mentioned the idea to me before, but it came up again yesterday. I don't know the first thing about publishing a book, but all it takes is a little bit of research right? I probably would do an assortment of things in the book for coffee table purposes. My very own coffee table book. How intriguing!


T.C. said...

NON PROFITS...the only other industry besides the government that really isn't losing people in this area, besides higher education, but they may face cut backs and lay offs as well...but check out non-profits...its can be a challenge but you can be creative!

MJ said...

How about a Photojournalistic style coffee table book? Take beautiful photos, print them in 8x10, then write about them... Interpret your art for others... I think it would be nice! You could blend two of your passions into one piece...

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