Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Most Beautiful Flower

I am the most beautiful flower in the entire world.
When men see me, touch me, smell me, understand me, they can't help but to fall in love.
I don't mean for them to though.
Because I know what's going to happen.
When it's time for them to go, their hearts will be crushed.
They'll be swept by unswerving sadness.
They all want to know why.
Why can't we just be.
But I'm the most beautiful flower in the entire world.
My exquisteness must be matched.
No regular man can survive.
No measure of mediocrity can I accept.

I have a way in which I can save their hearts.
The venom inside of my petals can drive them away.
Even before they have a chance, I can make them hate me.
But I never use my weapon of destruction.
I'm addicted to the affection I receive.
Nor can I bear to have someone hate me.
Then, if hated, would I be the most beautiful flower in the world?
Nevertheless, I don't like breaking hearts.
Instead, I want them to realize that there's more.
A beauty like mine should be the norm.
Settling for a rose is not enough.
Settling for her is not enough.
Require a hire existance just like I have.

So while I break hearts, I also change lives.
Is that a good trade-off?
Do you think that's enough?

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