Thursday, October 08, 2009

Morning Thoughts

It's your choice. You choose whether today will be better than yesterday. Or you can choose to wallow in the same crap you did yesterday. I choose to forget about yesterday and to burrow through the day as if I don't have the time. The concept of time is a funny one. Sometimes it's my best friend and others, not so much. One thing is for sure, time is the best healer. The anguish of yesterday is not the anguish of today. In fact, with every passing day, anguish turns into pain, pain into sorrow, sorrow into melancholy, and melancholy into just ok. But the part about time I hate is that you can't get it back and there's never enough of it. I especially don't care for the part of time where it stretches out eons in front of you when you wish that the end of the eon was knocking at your front door. Like today for example. I wish I were on my way home right now instead of on my way out. Why can't we fast forward time and just be done with it? Oh how I wish I could go through the day like a zombie, hazily going through the movements, but yet be extremely productive and intelligent at the same time. My new job requires me to think. I have to be on point at all times as I contribute to ways in which we increase revenues. I am truly planning and analyzing every business decision we make. With that said, there unfortunately can be nothing hazy about me during a typical work day.

I'm in survival mode. Survival mode means simplicity. There's no room for extras at the moment. No extra stress, cares, projects, burdens, issues, problems, things, people, and places. Simplicity allows me the room to focus. It also allows me the space to be silent and I'm loving the idea of silence. We have all come to know that when there is peace, there's joy. No matter how difficult a task, if it can be tackled with a sense of peace, it will be done well and to the best of your ability. That's what I'm hoping for. Success. Not just for the work week, but in life.

On a lighter note, my family is involved in a little friendly competition to guess the date of my pending engagement. It's entertaining to see everyone be so interested. Bets are flying in right and left but I still have yet to agree or disagree with anyone's guess. Some say next month and others say next year. When I hear their thoughts, I fail to get a feeling that makes me want to swerve in the affirmative or otherwise. I haven't once thought, 'yeah that seems close' or 'no way, that'll never happen'. I'm so blank on the subject. My attitude is que sera, sera. What it will be is what it will be. Whatever happens. It's my decision to pay attention to myself only at this point. My focus is forward and not on others. By the way, wrong speculation can cause harm, and one thing I will not do is suffer harm. Nothing in life is guranteed so you best protect your heart.

Enjoy your day.
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