Monday, March 28, 2011

I'm Not A Hustler...

...and therein lies my problem. Hustlers have to be bold. They have to act like they know what they're talking about at all times and show no signs of fear. They have to have the ability to push and persist in their dream. I, unfortunately, do not have those qualities. I have been conditioned to take the straight road; the road that has been paved by my background and education. Anything that cannot be substantiated by my experience and education is a deviation.

I am afraid to venture off the beaten path into the world of interior design and photography. Sure I can do these things for myself and as a hobby, but to actually call myself an interior designer or a photographer would be ludicrous. Why? Because I don't have the professional experience or education to show. If I were to hire someone to do anything, I would want proof of credentials. But now that I'm typing this, wouldn't a portfolio of quality work be enough? Hmmm... I don't know. If I were to chose someone to redecorate my house, I would wonder if they understood color concepts and room dimensions and would assume that they gained their basic text book skill sets in a classroom. I do believe that not everything can come with on the job training. There are some things that need to be read and studied. Am I wrong for thinking that?

I want to go to design school. I'll feel better about my expertise if it's grounded in a classroom. If I were to design basically on instinct, I would wonder if I was leaving something out. I would constantly questioning if there is something that I don't know that would make the job that much more perfect. I would think about the direction that someone with schooling would take and if it would be better. I'm grounded in schooling. That's the bottom line. Will I have enough gumption to provide someone a service without it? sigh... As I said before, I'm not a hustler.

Action item: Look for books on how to be a successful hustler.

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MJ said...

While I do believe that schooling is good for some things, I do not believe that school can prepare one for every situation that is encountered in real life. Classrooms have their place, but a classroom cannot give someone the eye (gift) that you have.

With the arts, there will always be tips that you can pick up from others in the business, either at trade shows, or by tagging along. But I do not believe that many of the small tricks that people come up with were taught in a classroom. Rather it is a gift that shines through in their work. Lessons learned through trial and error and life have the most profound effect.

How much do you really remember after you have taken a course? Many times people forget things as soon as they leave and only remember things that really stuck out to them... That is definitely not to say that the class objectives stuck out to that person, but it is moreso about where the person was in their life and how they might have taken the course to mean for them...

I just feel like with a good eye and a good understanding of space, you can do whatever you want. Instead of being the hustler, why don't you let someone else hustle for you(like me) and you do the work?

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