Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ran-dumb Thoughts

I'm sitting here watching Iron Man with him.
But I've seen it so many times.
Only half interested.
Saw 'The Adjustment Bureau' Friday night.
Best movie I've seen in a while.
It had me thinking.
I even got a good conversation out of it with him.
A deep one.
A pivotal one.
I've been quite irritated lately.
Just not in the mood to laugh and joke around.
Nothing's particularly wrong.
Just in a mood.
I mentioned that I think one of my friends might be depressed.
He asked me if she has a heavy conscious about anything.
It's funny he went there first.
He said it'll keep you unhappy every single time.
I guess he's right.
Job hunting is the same.
Tired of 'updating' that.
It'll stay the same until it's not.
When it's not, you'll know.
I just gotta find my faith that everything is going to be ok.
I wish my parents were down the street.
I could use a visit to 2001 this evening.
Hang out in front of the tv.
Eat some home cooked food.
Get a break from my house.
The information on singleness hit me.
For the simple fact that I could be single in a second.
Unforeseen occurrences happen.
Anyway, days are just days.
But I'm looking forward to my trip in May.
It'll be a break.
I don't think I'm every truly satisfied though.
Days are always just days.
No matter whether I'm working or not.
This life truly sucks.
Things will be so much better in paradise if I make it.

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T.C. said...

you know you are right days are just days and unless we make the most of the days we have then we won't...i was speaking with someone last night and she stated that all she wanted to be in a relationship so she could share her hopes and dreams with someone, to which i explained and sometimes that someone can't even hear your hopes an dreams because of their own issues...

point being no matter where you are in life you have to just grin and bare it...

to me life can just be so overwhelming at times that you can seem like or even be depressed, doesn't mean, to me, that your conscious is heavy, it could simply be life...

and like anything in life, it will all work out in time

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