Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Who Knows

Life is so random right now. I can't even begin to tell you what's going on or where I'll be in a month. I feel like everything is totally out of my hands, even though it's not. I don't know if I'm necessarily complaining about it because this could be quite exciting. At the same time, I wish I had a clue.

On The Plate of Life
Lately we've been discussing the following topics: babies, house hunting, and altogether migrating to a new state. Who knows what will happen, but I actually wouldn't mind something drastic. I'm ready to start my life. If we're going to have babies, I'm ready to get this train moving. But of course, I need to get a job, save some money, and get a bigger house first. As usual, it's all dependent upon this job that I can't seem to find. Oh. Hubby wants to by land and build our dream house. Umm. Ok. 'If you like it, I love it', I said. We've had so many ideas that have changed since we've been married. I wouldn't be surprised if this one didn't come to fruition either even though it's possible it can. I love that he's thinking though. But again, where's this job that I need to even build a house?

We had a pretty huge disagreement, not a fight, just a rather stark difference in opinions about raising children. Hubby's background is on the other spectrum from mine. He was raised in the truth, I wasn't. He went to public schools, me - private. He didn't go to college, I went to an ivy league. He has a successful career, me - not so much. Thankfully, while my parents were in town they shed a blinding spotlight on the issue. Basically, it's in absolute stupidity that we're sitting here talking about what we will and will not do with our non-existent child because this non-existent child will have his/her OWN  desires, personality, wants and needs. If the child wants to me a missionary, college isn't necessary. If the child wants to be a nurse, vocational schooling will be beneficial. If the child has no interest in sports, no need to worry about tee-ball practices. Right? And even with all of this, we still haven't made a firm decision to have a mini-us. Who knows...

Little Sis
Anyway, the weekend with my parents was so nice. They were so happy to be here with the people they love and I was definitely happy to have them. We spent most of our time getting to know my sis' future in-laws and wedding planning which was a pleasure because they're a very cool fam. I'm actually excited that my sister's getting married. She's not the type of girl that can hold on very long to the frailties of having a boyfriend. She needs everything to be concrete and set in stone. I'm proud of them for making such a huge commitment to each other for being so young. Well 25 isn't that young. I guess this is about right. But wow. My LITTLE sister is getting married. How old am I getting?!

Natural Hair
My hair is still in the long Janet Jackson braids. I haven't washed my hair in a month. (don't judge me!) I need to wash them but I'm afraid. Washing all of this hair will mean sore neck muscles and damp tresses slapping me in the back all day and night long. It's almost like I need to wash them and then lay them outside on the sidewalk while the 90 degree sun fries them dry. I hope these braids do my hair some justice though. I want this mop to grow! I'm not looking forward to taking the braids out and figuring out what to do with my hair. I'd rather just keep it braided or in a protective style for a while. If it was long enough, I'd wear a curly bun for a while, but I doubt my hair will be ready for that.

Interior Decorating
I partially finished redecorating my living and dining room. There are a few things that are still missing, but I need more $$ to put it all together. I'm proud of what I've done so far. It feels so much better in that space. Brighter and more quaint. I'll post pics later.

I need my next victim. I had a few shoots coming up but they're vaporizing into thin air. I need to make some steps with this if I want to keep practicing. Feel me?

One thing's for sure, I need to write more. I feel like I have better control over my life when I do. I'll be able to figure more things out if I write them down.


Jenn Will said...

Enjoy the now. What the future holds is an absolute mystery, and thats the fun of it. You have a partner so you don't have to take the ride solo, and you have someone to reflect with.

I think its exciting. That state of flux, of not knowing exactly where your next step will have Jehovah and Marcus, you have nothing to fear :)

miss alisa said...

I really like Jenn Will's comment. In fact, she took my words away. Lol.

T.C. said...

I also agree...enjoy now...because when kids come its very difficult, O and I didn't have a date for THREE months...we didn't have the time, money or even ENERGY to do a date night...

enjoy the unknown (as crazy as it makes ALL of us, we are definitely a lot alike in that sense) but maybe this is a lesson to be learned for the next level

if you weren't off right now you couldn't be doing all that you are doing for your family (including the wedding stuff)

its all in HIS time...

and i am glad your parents are there to help much as i thought i would raise children a certain way, like I would have never thought I would be a time out MUmTee (that's my name by the way) with Damius spankings won't work and because of his temper won't work well for his we are in fact going to be "time out" people because that will work best for HIM...

and I know when we finally have our first child HE/SHE will be different and may need different set of guidelines, attention, skills...every child is different so no need in stressing...

and in terms of moving, let's all move together

(don't tell nobody but i like Mobile)

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