Thursday, June 30, 2011

If I Had Another Life

Something has taken over me recently. I don't know if it's the surge of Beyoncetricity in the atmosphere or what, but I have this feeling. It's almost like the beast has been awakened and I can't cage it. Recently, I had the opportunity to perform to "Run The World" with a group of girls and the feeling I got from being on stage dancing my heart out was incredible. If I had another life and thought that glitter, money, fame and notoriety was the definition of success, that's what I would aim for. My passion for performance is unwavering. There's a little ball of burning fire inside of me that I keep tamed by focusing on the real life to come. I must admit, if I didn't know Jesus, I'd make my way into dark, sexy burlesque clubs, renowned pop videos and world tour stages to make my mark on the earth. Taming the beast hurts, but I have to remember what's more important. And it certainly isn't temporary shine. Ooh but it hurts.

1 comment:

T.C. said...

"if i didn't know Jesus"
*wall slide*
that is all

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