Wednesday, November 09, 2011

More Tired Than Tired

I'm exhausted.
The stress from work combined with this sinus cold...
I could sleep for a week.
If only I could sleep peacefully through the night.
I have nightmares when I'm sick.
So I haven't had a restful sleep for a few days.
And I started my period today.
My body is telling me no.
But I have to keep going.
Reports have to be made.
Meetings have to be held.
Laundry has to be folded.
The bathtub has to be cleaned.
Dinner has to be thought of.
Not to mentioned cooked/ordered.
I'm so exhausted, I could cry.
But I'm not.
Big girls don't cry.

1 comment:

Alisa Renee said...

Last night I was so tired I DID cry... Big girl or not... I cried like a baby. I was exhausted. I feel you 100% on this! Hope you get some rest, Jendi.

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