Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Review: Talk That Talk (Deluxe Edition)

I've been waiting for this album to drop. I love Rihanna's first single "We Found Love" so I bought the album while falling asleep last night.

Here's the deal. She has a lot of dance, tech tracks on the album which I LOVE. There's nothing more invigorating that dance music. However, I don't love this album as much as I loved Rated R. I was able to blast Rated R through and through (safe for maybe 1 song) in the car's stereo and actually FEEL her. Maybe it was the anger that I could identify with, particularly because it was real anger which no doubt came from her life experiences with her ex-bf. This album is different. Talk That Talk is cool but it's not blow-me-away great. But that's the same way I felt about Loud when it first came out. I kinda still do even tho she's done a remarkable job of making the songs come to life with treatments and major radio play. It doesn't seem like she put a lot of hard work into Talk That Talk. It's almost like she spit this one out real quick to keep her hype up. The lyrics don't vary much and the music is easy and repetitive as most dance tracks are. The album isn't a toss away though. One this is for sure, I'll get a lot of exercise dancing to most of this album. I've found my gym playlist.

You da One - cool, little, pop, bubble-gum song. it'll be cute for the radio.
Where Have You Been - love the music on this joint. it has one a great bass rhythm that will bump the mess out of some stereos. the techno beat on this song makes me want to turn out all the lights and dance hard.
We Found Love - good choice of a single for her. love the swelling and build up of this song.
Talk That Talk ft. Jay-Z - this is the only song where she carries a feature artist. to have Jay-Z on it, I thought it was going to be epic. then again, i don't know why i thought that. it's just okay. Jay's rhymes are lazy and so is Rihanna. this was a waste. i wonder why Jay doesn't put as much into this as he does on WTT. if they choose this as a single, i'm sure it'll catch on after hearing it 1,000 times though.
Cockiness (Love It) - i can't even listen to this song with words like suck, lick, eat and sex slave. a bit much for me. she done lost her mind on this one. watch this is the one that everyone loves tho.
Birthday Cake - this is a short interlude that too makes Rated R look like Rated G. it has a Kelis feel to it. i'm glad it's an interlude because it could be too much like the previous song.
We All Want Love - this is one of her slower songs that i like. she's talking about being lonely and wanting love. the emotion that she tries to convey peaks through a little. she's not really good at emotional songs tho. nevertheless, i hope she puts this one out.
Drunk On Love - another song about love that i can get with. it's very Evanescence like which I'm very okay with.
Roc Me Out - after 1 minute of this song, i get bored. it's very monotonous. no variety on this song at all.
Watch 'n' Learn - ha! i like this song even though i shouldn't. it makes me think of the more intimate details of me and my husband's life. the music is great.
Farewell - i usually skip this one, but she needed an epic feeling pop song on the album. it's soundtrack worthy for some emotional movie.
Red Lipstick - i'm confused on this one. i have no idea what it's about! it feels like i shouldn't be listening to it though. it has a scary vibe to it. reminds me of how i felt about the disturbia video. psycho and evil.
Do Ya Thang - another teeny bopper kind of love song. believe me, it's needed on this album.
Fool In Love - i like this one. it's probably her most vocal songs. it's slow. it's about love. and she sings the most on this one. it kinda makes me wish she could sing better though. i can see this one the stage. the production is cool on this track.
We Found Love (Extended Mix) - more of the same of the original version only longer. i'll play this one when i need an extra push on the eliptical machine when i get back to the gym.

I give the album a B. I wonder how long she'll be able to milk this album. Rihanna is going to have to do some visually stunning videos and do some shocking wardrobe and hair gimmicks to carry this one out for a while (which I'm sure she'll be able to do). She actually could have rode a little bit longer on Loud if this is what she wanted to give us. Have you heard it yet? What do you think? Where do you think RiRi should go next?

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