Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Positive Celebrity Relationships

With the mess that celebrity-ville has created in the relationship sector, it's no wonder we don't take them serious when we hear that two of them are getting married. While we hope it's for real, not many of us are duped into believing that it's for the long haul. That's why it's good to remember and focus on the few of the rich who HAVE held on to the sanctity of marriage. And because it's so easy for women to fall in love and ride or die for one dude (that's the nature of us!) let's run through a few of the famous husbands who just love them some love.

Let's start with the GQ man of the year, Jay-Z

This man loves him some Beyonce! So cute! I simply love their relationship. And you know Bey loves her some Jay. They have eyes for no one else.


This man's passion for his wife is unlike anything I've ever seen. He is totally in love with Jada.


While T.I. may have stunned us with his choice of women, you can't do anything but respect the man. I mean how long have they been together?! This is a great example of a ride or die couple. T.I. and Tiny ain't going NOwhere.


Named one of the sexiest men alive, Boris could have any women he wanted. And I'm sure he's flanked with temptation every where he goes, but this faithful man only has eyes for his wife of 6 years.

Grant Hill

When I think of Grant, I think of a strong family head. I remember hearing them talk about the diagnosis of Tamia's  multiple sclerosis and his potentially fatal infection all in the same year. Knowing the stress that illness can have on a family, I'm sure it was no easy thing to deal with. But through the tough times, Tamia said that Grant was always there.

Robin Thicke

These two kids are so freakin' adorable to me! Robin just KNOWS he got himself a dime. I only hope my husband and I are this cute.

President Barack Obama

Even the most powerful man in the United States knows what it means to love his wife. President Obama's humility shines through like a bright light whenever he's focused on his wife. It's clear that he understands the meaning of 'behind every good man is a good woman'.


This man, my wonderful husband, is by no means a celebrity, but I can't possibly think of great husbands without mentioning my own. On his day off yesterday, this man picked up my contacts from the eye doctor, got my clothes out of the cleaners when they cost way much more than he budgeted, fixed me dinner, took care of my spiritual needs AND snuggled up into me when the day was all said and done. Most importantly, he loves me more than I ever thought I could be loved.

Honorable mention go to Nick Cannon. Nick is like a kid in a candy store around his wife. Hopefully Mariah will hold onto that.

Recently wed husbands to watch? Carmelo Anthony, Shannon Brown, Swiss Beatz and Cory Hardrict (Tia Mowry's husband). Will these husbands follow in the footsteps of the men above? We'll see!


MJ said...

I sure do!! <3

T.C. said...

i agree!
but on a real life note-can i just tell you guys how much i love and admire your LOVE for one another! I reference the two of you and your courtship often! I was just talking about you two last night, how you met, courted and knew...it doesn't take long to KNOW
ps whatup Malcolm

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