Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ran-dumb Thoughts

I slept so hard last night
I wish I could have this draining effect that my period has on me most nights
Without the period
Being a light sleeper is the worst now that I'm married
Period week
This is the week where I give up
I could care less about the important things
I did manage to do laundry last night/this morning, and unpack a bag that's been sitting on the floor for 2 weeks now
I had a slight case of frenzy
I could feel the chemical imbalance.
Work isn't happening today
I'm here, but I already know it's going to be a lazy/unproductive day
This 4 day work week has been the longest ever
My stomach is bothering me
Nina Simone is pouring from the speakers of my iPhone
She makes me feel cultured
With her musky voice
It's interesting how many people have sampled her music
So what's up with this A$AP Rocky person?
Do I really need to get on board?
Beyonce links to his album on her blog
JT's 'Suit and Tie' song...LOVE
Prince's 'Screwdriver' song...LOVE
That man is the king of rock and roll.
Back to A$AP
Why must these rappers all look like this?
Scrawny, teenager with homemade plaits in his head
Is this the look we're going for?
Why can't we present ourselves a bit better?
Dudes can just do whatever they want in the game
Females on the other hand need complete image/look overhauls
It's dead in here
The VP is in Albany
The manager is working from home
The co-worker is wading through hundreds of emails after being away on travel
It's the perfect day for Netflix
Or to explore new music
I got a bonus
It'll be in my paycheck tomorrow
The government will take a big bite out of it
I've probably spent 90% of it already on my pillows
I want to go clothes shopping
Weddings, assemblies, conventions
I have outfits to buy
Rachel Roy, Asos, Zara
It's so funny though
I put in effort but feel so regular
Vanity is like the wind

1 comment:

T.a.c.D said...

i just GAVE away some racheal roy shoes. they were a 9 too big for you, but BAD wedge blue suede but i can't rock the heals like that anymore... :( that makes my heart sad
just like these rappers today no one is different i totally agree!

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