Thursday, August 18, 2011

Morning's Ran-Dumb Thoughts

I need a break and I just got started
We're supposed to move to Rosslyn
I wonder where I report to tomorrow
My stomach is killing me
This is going to be a tough menstrual situation
It couldn't happen at a worse time
Bachelorette events are tonight
Rehearsal is tomorrow
Wedding events start at 7am Sat
I need an energy boost
I plan on keeping my head low
Possibly keeping music in my ears
I'm going to walk slowly to and from everything
No stress
I'm happy little sis is getting married though
She needs a husband
That 'chile couldn't be on her own if paid $1M
I did my nails last night but the color is too pale
You can't tell I have anything on
They're pretty though
They look shaped and buffed
I have a hair appointment tonight too
I wonder if Pooh is stressed
Weddings are stressful
Everyone just wants them to be married already
I understand
Once we get past this, we're done
Oooo, cramps!
Hubby is home with a broken down back
I wish I could take care of him today
Actually, I just wish I could be in the bed right now
I think every woman should have off on her first menstral day
It's not fair
"Cuz I know I saw you go into a motel"
Tweet is playing in my headphones
She needs to make another album
"You can save your song and dance"
I love this song
What am I wearing tonight?
I don't even think I have club attire anymore
Ooh, here's my song
"My eyes have never seen someone so beautiful"
"You're the first thought of each day"
"You move through me"
"I can get caught up when I see you!"
This was one of those repeat songs
I could close my eyes right now and swim in this song
Anyway, I'm checking out for now
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