Saturday, January 07, 2012


I'm looking for lighting.

We went to Ikea today and realized that we were very ill-prepared for the trip. 'How much space do we have from the ceiling to the top of the powder room door?' 'Is the light in the stairway over the center landing or the top landing?' 'How big is the room because this chandelier might get swallowed up?' Unable to answer most of these questions, we went on to other things. You would think you would know your house but the specifics are endless.

Here's the light fixture in the hallway between the powder room and the entrance to the basement. Of course, it has to go. Did I say that I HATE old gold crap. Ugh!

Do you see my new crown molding?! Looks good huh!

I saw this beauty while hunting for drum pendants and was immediately attracted. It would go perfectly with the colors of the walls.


I'm too tired to look right now but here are the other spaces where I need new lights. One in the kitchen/dining area and one in the stairway. I'm thinking chandeliers in both places. A quaint one in the dining area and a big one in the stairway. 

 We did manage to get this cool pendant light from Ikea. I saw this in an inspiration photo last week so we were fully prepared for this one. I love this light.

I can't wait until we start the kitchen project. These cabinets need a facelift! One step at a time Jen. 

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MJ said...

One step at a time...
SN- Can't wait to get home to see what has been done!

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