Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Turn That Frown Upside Down

Even though the house transformation is still on the move, I'm taking a break. (I'll post more about our floors that are almost done soon.)

Today, I have the blues. I have no reason to have the blues. I just do. Maybe the rush of energy I had from purchasing and remodeling a home is dying out. Regular life is starting to seep back into my veins. But I'm going to try to combat these feelings. If you remember a few posts ago, I stated my goal for 2012. "Stop thinking so hard. Stop being so inwardly dramatic. Fill my head with good thoughts. Fill my pessimistic soul with fun." This is the perfect time to apply sentence #3 of that mantra.

So what's good? Hmm..

1. I get paid Friday.
2. I don't look a hot mess today.
3. My house IS coming along nicely.
4. My husband and I are good. No major issues, fights or problems lately.
5. Pandora Radio exists. I need some Fela Kuti music to cheer me up.
6. I have a cinammon raisin bagel to eat this morning.
7. CBS's 'The Good Wife' is back on.
8. My parents are good, healthy, and happy.
9. Jehovah God and I are still friends. I have a clean conscience.
10. Beyonce and Jay-Z are parents to a baby girl. =)

You know what I need? A good novel. Any suggestions?
Or an outing. I've been stuck inside for too long. I need an event. A plan. An out. I guess it's time to see what the girls are doing.

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Anonymous said...

Text me... Let's grab dinner and wine!


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