Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Manager...

...likes to create work for ourselves. And thus I have the work blues.

I don't know anyone who actually LIKES to be responsible for EVERYTHING. His breed is certainly of another kind. Do you know he told me that I need to create some sort of report to track when it's time for me to pay someone their spot award? Huh? Why would I go on a fishing expedition for someone who should come to ME when they found they have met the requirements for an award? If you are taking steps to qualify for an incentive award, it's only reasonable that you let me know when the award has been approved right? Talking about create-a-report-so-I-can-know-when-someone-wins-an-award... NO! Do you know how long it's going to take me to do that?! Especially considering that none of the tracking mechanisms for awards are currently IN the system! I would have to create the data fields, get the data dumped into the system, test it, and then build reports. Dude is tripping.

I can already feel that I'm going to need to courteously tell him that he's drowning us both. I'm going to have to tell him in some sort of fashion that sales needs to do sales work, I need to do analysis work, and he needs to do marketing work. I'm not managing sales reps' opportunities. That's their job. When he told me that we were going to compute averages and then load them back into the rep's opportunities, that's when I knew he lost it. Why would we take on the job of asking them which opportunities we can load this month's averages into and then do the loading? THEY are responsible for THEIR opportunities. Sure I can give them the averages, but it's up to THEM to decide if they are appropriate or if they have more knowledge than what an average may mean.

He's definitely tripping.

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