Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ran-Dumb Thoughts

I cried this morning while watching The Today Show.
An elementary school girl was surprised by her father.
He just arrived home from Afghanistan.
She cried, so I cried.
War tears families apart.
How anyone can support such a machine is beyond me.
There is nothing positive or loving about war.
People argue that God was involved in wars.
So because Jehovah backed his people through victory...
That means Jehovah approves of war?
Jehovah will provide support for anyone lifting up His name.
He protected the Israelites as they were His people.
He assured victory because He made a covenant.
He assured victory because He loved His faithful people.
God is love.
Wars over money, greed, nationalism, etc have nothing to do with God.
I hate war.

I got real tired all of a sudden.
Maybe I'm just more disappointed.
But I'll snap out of it.
I need to get to work.
Go hard.
Get some things done.
Put on a happy face!
The circuit overseer is in town this week!
I look forward to meeting him.
Getting some good spiritual adjustment will be good.
I'm ready to make new spiritual goals.
They're probably going to be the same goals as last year.
I can't totally get the fist together.
The fist are the 5 fingers that sustain my spirituality.
Attending weekly meetings, the ministry.
Prayer, daily Bible reading.
Personal study.
Why the last 3 are so hard for me, I'm not sure.
So once again, I got to get on it.

I have 15 minutes until my first meeting of the day.
I don't even want to count out how many meetings I have today.
That would be overwhelming.
Instead, I'll just take the day 1 minute at a time.
Destiny's Child's "Emotions" is playing.
I miss them as a group.
But that ship is long gone.
We haven't heard/seen Bey yet since she had the baby.
I wonder if she's still just as enamored.
Or are mommy duties getting tiring.
One thing I like about her is her good attitude.
She's always positive.
Chick can be one of the most hated in the game.
But still, she's always straight.
Her outlook on life is inspiring.
Always focus on the blessings right?
Now Boyz II Men "Water Runs Dry" is on.
What's up with all the slow songs?
Pandora had to slip in a commercial of course.
Speaking of commercials, I can't wait for the Superbowl.
We got invited over someone's house from our new congregation.
I already feel loved and included.
That's awesome.
Fantasia's "When I See U"...
I love this song.
"Something now is taking over meeee!"
I still remember when my sis lip sang this song.
"You're so sexy boy!"
She was hilarious.
Why we made each other lip sink songs alludes me at this point...
Sisterly things.
Is it lip sing or lip sinK?
Oh, it's lip sync.
Thanks google.
Alright, I'ma sign out while Chris Brown bangs in my ears.
He always pumps me up.
Come on Chris!

Good day everyone!

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