Tuesday, July 21, 2009


1. Tell her “I love you”. 2. Hug him. 3. Kiss her. 4. Send flowers. 5. Hold hands. 6. Have deep, meaningful conversations. 7. Treat each other nice. 8. Smile at each other. 9. Write poems to each other. 10. Dance together. 11. Talk about your feelings. 12. Discuss problems. 13. Just be together. 14. Take him out. 15. Tell her “I don’t want to be with anyone else”. 16. Go to a drive-in. 17. Ask how she’s feeling. 18. Sort out disagreements. 9. Give each other a back rub. 20. Let him do your hair. 21. Put up with his friends. 22. Go to a concert together. 23. Give each other gifts. 24. Play pool together. 25. Observe the stars together. 26. Share some of the same hobbies. 27. Kiss him on the ear. 28. Whisper that I love him. 29. Be nice to each other. 30. Give a token from the heart. 31. Visit his mother. 32. Write love letters. 33. Call him just to say “hello” or “good night”. 34. Play footsie. 35. Blow her kisses. 36. Give her a ring. 37. Take her someplace meaningful or special. 38. Have a romantic picnic in the park. 39. Show my affection. 40. Talk about the reasons for our decision to wait to have sex. 41. Buy him nice things. 42. Go swimming together. 43. Go hiking together. 44. Be her best friend. 45. Sit and talk for a long time. 46. Be close. 47. Share thoughts. 48. Kiss her neck. 49. Sing her a song. 50. Do the things you used to do. 51. Ask to be with her more. 52. Build a stronger relationship. 53. Do her housework. 54. Communicate. 55. Tell her you care. 56. Caress each other. 57. Stick up for him if he gets in trouble. 58. Be sensitive. 59. Tell her I’ll always be there for her. 60. Listen. 61. Go out of the way for each other. 62. Go camping. 63. Tell her I appreciate how she treats me. 64. Respect each other. 65. Buy him something sentimental. 66. Carry her books home from school. 67. Never let him go. 68. Take a walk together. 69. Go to a party. 70. Cook for each other. 71. Just touch each other. 72. Leave a little love note in his pocket. 73. Dedicate our favorite song on the radio. 74. Speak the language of love – French – to him. 75. Tell her the longer you wait, the better it will be. 76. Arrange a date where we first met. 77. Watch him compete in a sporting event. 78. Spend the day at a carnival. 79. Eat at a romantic restaurant with elegant music and a dance floor . 80. Do homework together. 81. Slip a note into her notebook. 82. Treat her like a queen. 83. Pay attention to her likes and dislikes. 84. Make sure he’s comfortable. 85. Send him a card. 86. Draw a heart on a tree and put both names in the middle. 87. Call her every night. 88. Hold each other close. 89. Trust him. 90. Support each other. 91. Go for a drive. 92. Take him skiing. 93. Sit really close while watching a movie. 94. Make him a present. 95. Take care of him when he’s sick. 96. Carry pictures of each other. 97. Cuddle. 98. Go to a sports event together. 99. Watch a sunset together. 100. Be faithful. 101. Share secrets.

REMEMBER: The safest sex is NO sex; if you do have sex, always use a condom correctly as protection from sexually transmitted diseases


Jenn Will said...

You got this from a high school abstinence website didn't you!? lol.

Anonymous said...

Haven't been on here in a while...thought I would check it out. I actually like the post...Gives a lot of good ideas...hope all is well

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