Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ran-dumb Thoughts

What a Saturday.
I haven't been this relaxed in a very long time.
From the hot stone massage to laying out (and swimming) at pool to falling asleep at 8pm with a movie...
This is the kind of weekend that I rarely see.
I'm thinking about going to see Black Alley tomorrow, but I like the thought of going nowhere.
I'm trying to keep my blog as censor-less as possible.
Void of any type of attempt.
But it's hard.
Hard not to write for the people who might be reading.
But this blog is for myself.
I have to remember that.
I haven't really been writing as I should.
Perhaps that's why I'm out of practice.
I'll get back into it though.
It's my goal.
I bought 6 pairs of shoes within a 2 week time frame.
No wonder I was in need of a paycheck.
But in my defense, 3 pairs were sandals which were only $29.
The tennis shoes were rare finds.
And my last pair of shoes are heels from heaven.
Those are staying in the box, unworn until the perfect occasion.
I'm looking forward to the convention.
Everyone who has gone tells me to bring my tissues.
How powerful is this thing going to be?
I'm so ready for it.
I need to refocus my energies anyway so this is coming at a great time.
My shoulders hurt slightly.
I think it was that massage.
My back is pain free though.
That woman worked me out for a full 75 minutes.
Everytime I thought my session was over, she repeated the segment.
Those hot stones are something else.
I just stopped typing for a second and had a million thoughts run through my head.
The exact thoughts that I'm supposed to be typing.
That's the whole point of ran-dum thoughts.
I'm supposed to pen whatever pops up in my head without stopping.
It's the sure fire way to capture everything you're thinking no matter whether it's stupid or not.
Hence the name 'ran-dumb'.
But here I am, not being true to the nature of the post.
I have to work on this.
I'm way out of practice.
I'm sorta happy that it's night time.
That means the day is coming to a close, and I get to experience the joys of another day off from work.
Even though it's Sunday and Monday is lurking, I'm happy to have no plans other than my 9am service.
I think I want to talk more about spiritual things on this blog as well.
Drop a spiritual gem every now and then.
Keep me fresh and in tune.
And keep Godly things in mind.
Plus if someone reads it, and gets something from it, that's an added bonus.
I like writing, so it's the perfect avenue.
My antique chest is starting to get crowded again.
I just cleaned my room yesterday and I already have stuff on top of it again.
I'm tired.
I could just close my eyes and breathe right now.
But I'm not done.
Let me write some more.
My sis and her bf are downstairs watching a movie.
They were supposed to come and get "The International" from me a while ago.
I guess they don't need it anymore.
I have some studying to do.
I need to get that taken care of tomorrow I guess.
This year has truly been the turn around year for me.
From January I believe, I've never studied so much in my life.
And 7 months later, I'm still just as intesified.
I wonder when my slacking time will come.
I know it happens in waves.
Sometimes you're really on, and other times you're really tired.
I wonder when it'll hit.
The faster it hits, the quicker I can get over it.
I was going to say something about my ministry.
But I'd rather not.
All I can say is that I want to progress more.
Become more effective.
I think I'm going to wear my hair naturally curly for a week or so.
Give it a break from all the heat.
Let it do it's thang for a while.
My hairdresser also cut the nape of my neck really low so I'ma give it a week to grow 2 centimeters.
That way I can actually grab it when I press it.
The shorter my hair is, the more injury my little fingers suffer.
I need to change my sheets.
I want brand new clean sheets to sleep in.
Clean sheets make all the difference in the world.
There's nothing like them after a shower.
To slide under the clean covers with a clean body.
All this talk about sliding under the covers is making me sleepy.
Good night folks.

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